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This page is finished, except we'll add the Toronto Sun coverage once we find our clipping of it.

First photos!

Nude marchers in Toronto Gay Pride

June 1998

Marcher with fig leaf--God's image     Two new recruits

Photos before and
during the march

1998 nude marcher

Nude guy on sidewalk

Take a nude walk thru town -- after the march, on into the apartment building and up the elevator!

Nude marcher

Two at the dance

Photos taken at a nude dance during Toronto Pride week -- my pen is parade.

TNT!MEN logo

Photos taken by others -- posted on the TNT!MEN website

TNT!MEN logo

The web page for TNT!MEN, a non-profit, member-run all-male nudist group in Toronto

Toronto Sun logo

What the sensationalistic Toronto Sun had to say about this in its main article about the 1998 march. (Not yet active.)

Nude guys at other gay pride marches

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