Ann Arbor 'Naked Mile' 1999

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know why you're here... you want to see photos of naked jocks -- from the front. Well that's OK, but once you're tired of that you should check out the real foundation of the run: the courage, the spirit, and the deeper reasons why these students keep doing this year in and year out. Access to all that is from the main page.

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We'd like to thank the wonderful programmers who wrote the code which made it possible to save many, many, MANY underexposed shots. Sometimes nothing would work, but we could still fiddle and get an image which showed what was going on. Here's one of those:

 False color image of runners running along

Another example: the three thumbnails below are all of the same original photo! Click on each one in turn to see:

(a) the original, which is waaaay too dark
(b) the barely salvageable adjusted version, and
(c) the false-color version which at least shows you what's going on.

(a)     (b)     (c)

Here's a different shot to show you the path near the end of the run:

One of the main plazas near the end of the run:

The police do their best, trying to keep the running lanes open. It's a losing battle.


Onlookers sometimes make it almost impossible to run through.

Everyone gathers at one street corner and cheers everyone else on, as the clothes come off piece by piece, team by team, dorm group by dorm group.

Friends help friends get up the courage to get started.

Women were, I thought, a lot more prominent in the run this year (1999) than last year.

Some runners get naked quickly, but then they have to convince the others who are about to run with them.

It was pretty chilly, and a lot of the runners are athletes, so they knew how to keep warm before taking off down the route.

Sometimes the crowds are thick...

...sometimes they're thin.

Either way, they're huge.

This fellow doesn't want his name used, but he flies all over the country just to be at places where he can be nude in public!

Soon we'll be posting photos of him from the Toronto Gay Pride march -- after which he walked naked over to my hotel room.

This fountain is a great place to cool off after the run.

Check out the photos below of the guy who jumped in and dropped his jeans.

At the end of the run, you're supposed to get a t-shirt souvenir.

In 1998, they ran out too quickly.

In 1999, they were dorky yellow ones (see photo) which didn't even say "Naked Mile" on them!! As far as I could tell, they were leftover t-shirts from some student programs office.

Notice that this guy apparently ran the race barefoot.

And now for the thumbnails...

Photos marked F are free -- just click. For the others you have to subscribe. Join here!

Here I am struggling with my shorts and eventually triumphing, but not without some difficulty.

Yes, I painted my face in U of M colors for the run.

F Pants on

F Coming down

F At knees

Mighty frustrated

The general milling about at the beginning of the race can last a long time.


Elvis was there and was happy to be photographed with me, but first he had to put on his shades. He wears 'em even at night, you know!

A local sponsor

And they're off!

The clothes!

The runners!

Watchful police

Midpoint stop at the steps of the art library, where U of M fight songs are sung.


Sometimes you meet friends there.



Then it's back to the run!

At the end of the run, it's time to run around the cube sculpture...


Take a dip in the fountain...


Put your pants back on before anyone sees that you have an erection...

Look for your friends and show off your cool body paint...


...look at some photo posters of nude women in public places around Ann Arbor (only $20 each)...



...and finally see if you can walk barefoot all the way back to your car, where you stashed your clothes.

What a night!!


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