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So you heard we marched naked in the 1997 Toronto Gay Pride parade?

View of Pride parade

You're right -- we did!

There was even a photo of this wonderful event in the recent issue of Naked Magazine (the one with the cowboy ranch on the cover). We already published that same photo here (see photo 4), but check out the magazine anyway!

As you may have seen,I carried a placard in that parade with my old e-mail address on it -- (now -- in case someone liked what he saw. So you're probably here because:

  1. You like bears and think I'm hot, so you want to write to me, OR
  2. You're not into bears but think marching nude was cool, OR
  3. You have an open mind and you want to know why I marched nude, OR
  4. You hate the whole idea and think we spoiled things and you want to give me grief.

Whatever. Just send me something and I'll read it. I may even post it on this website's opinions page (see below).

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Me and my reasons

Want to know more about me? Well, I'm a bear (duh) who likes nonbears erotically. I live in San Diego, California. To find out more about me, tell me a bit about yourself and I'll write back with more info.

I can't speak for the other guys in Toronto, but I marched nude because:

The crowd loved us! Even more once we took off our pink-triangle loincloths and went completely nude (from the ankles up). I suppose some observers didn't care for our show of principles, but frankly...

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Nudists should stop worrying about other people's reactions

Everyone says that the human body is beautiful. It was designed by God -- and/or natural selection -- to function beautifully as a marvelous machine. If this is so, then the next logical step is:

If you believe that the human body is healthy, wholesome and nothing to be ashamed of, then put your crotch's visibility where your mouth is!

Even if you're not a nudist yourself, understand that when you come across people who are nude they are just being true to their beliefs. They are not trying to offend you. If you are offended by their being nonsexually nude, then you are too sensitive. Get over it!

Nudists are not erotic exhibitionists -- like the sleazy fellows who you may have run into (if you're a woman) in supermarket parking lots or parks. Erotic exhibitionism is what sexual scientists call a paraphilia. An erotic exhibitionist (almost always a man) becomes sexually aroused by surprising someone (almost always a woman) with his nudity. He's trying to shock you -- because it turns him on. Nonsexual nudity is completely different: we are nude simply because we want to be comfortable, and because we believe that there is nothing harmful about our nude bodies.

We went a lot farther in the parade than most nudists go. Frankly, I wonder why. I know of no other topic where one side is sooooooo considerate of the incorrect, illogical, and measurably harmful opinions of the other side. Being polite to your opponents is a good thing, but when politeness means the other side always gets its way, that's going too far.

In short: Compromise is good. Giving in is bad.

So if you really think that it's OK to be nude, then why follow the course of action of those who disagree with you? Why let them control your actions?

As I said above, compromise is cool. But always giving in? That's wrong.

Note for the squeamish: Nudists typically carry a towel with them to protect chairs and other surfaces with which their bodies come into contact. So calm down.

Pencil iconSo what do YOU think about all this?

We had a discussion.

For about a year, I solicited opinions from people on the topics of nonsexual public nudity, marching nude in a gay pride parade, and so on. I posted most of the responses here.

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Where to go from here

Nude marchers on Yonge Street, Toronto

If you want to see other photos of nude events during Toronto Pride week, check the photo page for the nude march.

Note: This is the photo which was published in Naked Magazine.

Nude marcher


If you want to read other people's opinions, check this page.

TNT!MEN logo

If you want to get naked in Toronto to dance, meet interesting men, and all that, I highly recommend that you check out the web page for TNT!MEN, a non-profit, member-run all-male nudist group in Toronto.


If you want to get naked elsewhere to do similar things, check out SpIke's Naked Planet page -- the amazingly complete and up-to-date list of nude opportunities for gay men all over the globe.

I have lots of photos of nude guys at other gay pride marches, too!

Remember: stay naked as often and as freely as you can.
You and your body will be glad you did!

 Since Pride Day, June 29, 1997, through 17 July 1997.

 Since 1 August 1997.

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