Monday October 28, 1996

Listen Up. This Ain't No Endorsement Now: - Ross Perot appeared to back Bob Dole by saying 'if you were limited to choosing between Dole and President Clinton, I think every American would pick Dole.'

Keeping You Abreast Of These Developments: - A mistrial freed two Berkeley CA women (the X-Plicit Players) who roam the parks there topless, singing and communing with nature. It was the first jury test for anti-nudity ordinances enacted to deal with the famous always-totally-nude Berkeley college student called The Naked Guy.

Hisses Dis Swiss Bliss: - Switzerland formed two more investigative panels - it's fourth and fifth - in response to new findings its bankers used deposits of murdered Jews to pay off corporate Swiss WWII claims against Poland and Hungary. Recent disclosures (that Swiss banks traded freely in stolen artwork, looted accounts of Holocaust Jews, and sheltered unaccounted-for millions in Nazi gold plunder) have sown the notion that 'neutral' Switzerland survived WWII by simply colluding with the Nazis. The latest: Swiss-bashing by NY senator Al D'Amato.

Dad Forget The Hokey Homemade Masks. Take Us To The Mall: - Does Halloween seem a bit more commercial this year? It just passed Thanksgiving and Easter to move up to second (behind Christmas) as the biggest retailing blowout of the year. We'll spend $2.5 billion.

I Love You Like A Rock: - The Oct 3rd meteor which lit up the Southwest, now dubbed the 'Green Flash,' is being hunted in the Rose Valley area of the Sierra Nevadas. UCal's $5,000 reward for a chunk still stands.

Hombre! Hotta Trot? Tacya 'Chancos': - A Brazilian company announced the first birth control pill for men. It contains gossypol, a cottonseed oil derivative known to reduce sperm count. One occasional side effect the U.S. FDA will eye: permanent infertility.

Dear Just Buy It. The Kids Are Already Embarrassed They Didn't Have An Order In: - 'Toy Story' hits video stores this week with the biggest advance order in Disney history - over 21 million copies. 'The Lion King' holds the current videotape sales record at 30 million.

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