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Friday 22 August 1997

20 Buckeye Bucks

Buckeye Boys 'Slave' Auction

It was all in fun, but Friday's "slave auction" at the Buckeye Boys cabin was a huge success. All week they had been distributing their "Bucks" to deserving camp-mates, and all week people had been hustling to maximize their buck-naked cash stash (including a few clandestine trips to the local copy shop -- shame on you!!). Meanwhile, the Boys themselves were busy during the week auditioning campers who would eventually be auctioned. Hazel, the mistress of ceremonies with the mostest sharpest tonguest, positioned each 'slave' on the block for inspection and then auctioned him off to the highest bidder.

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Caution: Slow Boys at Play

Why the crowd? What are they looking at?

Hazel in her Polaroid dress

Why, it's Hazel, happily auctioning off the 'slave' boys for Buckeye Boys Bucks! She couldn't afford an American Express Card dress, so she had to settle for this one made of obscene Polaroids.

Hazel pointing dildo at sign

As you might imagine, Hazel used every thing at her disposal to publicize the event. And who could resist that smile??

All their buns in a row

The line of 'slaves' waiting to be auctioned seems to form a line of buns stretching off to infinity.

Two 'slaves' pointing at auction schedule

These two glum 'slaves' await their masters' instructions and check out the auction catalog.

100 Buckeye Bucks
Also check out the Buckeye Boys' cabin.

Two 'slaves' hugging while waiting

Mr. GNI 1997 (silver arm band) consoles a fellow 'slave' awaiting their turns on the auction block.

Slave torso with harness and straps

Here's a neck-down of one of the hunkiest 'slaves' proudly wearing his red "SOLD" tag.

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