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Six of the dancers

A Nude Square Dance Tip in San Diego

Held 28 March 1998 at "Pass the Sea"

O, Baby, did I have fun!!

I attended my first Moonshine Tip in San Diego several years ago, before I really learned how to square dance. I liked it so much that last September I started taking lessons, and by the time of the 1998 Fly-in* I was ready to participate as a Mainstream** dancer. They had a nude square dance (sometimes called a moonshine tip***) on Saturday night -- which I went to, of course.

* A fly-in is a square-dance party thrown by a city's gay square dance group. It typically occurs over a weekend, and square dancers from other cities fly in for the event.

** There are different levels of standard square dancing: Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge. Most fly-ins do Mainstream and above.

*** A tip is a set of square dances, done one after another, in which the same square of 8 dancers participates. Typically, it's two dances long. The squares break up and reform in different sets of 8 after a tip is over.

6 guys in a squareTwenty guys showed up, plus the host and the caller. (Six eventually agreed to be photographed; see above.) I had overheard two women earlier in the evening deciding that they were too tired to go moonshine, and women have typically joined previous Moonshine Tips. But this particular one happened to be all male.

Moonshine Tips are often held in the convention hotel itself, but that wasn't feasible in this case. (In fact, there are a variety of rules which must be followed in order to be billed as an official "Moonshine Tip" -- but since the term isn't trademarked and misunderstandings can arise, it's not clear whether the San Diego event was 100% in compliance.) We piled into a few cars and drove out east of San Diego to the private home hosting the event. My car was the first to arrive -- in a pouring rain. It contained me plus two boyfriends I'll call Hans and Franz (even though they don't resemble those two Saturday Night Live characters). Hans was the experienced dancer; Franz the newbie who had been learning at a furious pace the first two days of dancing. I was pleased to offer them a ride, because I thought they both were nice people -- plus, they were cute! (Ahem.) We waited for the others to arrive in a few minutes, then entered through the garage.

It took awhile to get the garage cleared, but everything went OK after that. Soon we were all naked, and lined up in two squares. You do the math: two squares means 16 dancers out of 20 guys available -- just enough for a few to sit and rest when they got tired.

2 guys doing a 'do-sa-do'Our caller was a sweet heterosexual man who got naked with us. He'd thought carefully about the music he would use; my favorite was the song "Ain't got nothing on me"!

After about 40 minutes of dancing, we all had a rest. Our host lacked 20 chairs, so most of us sat on the floor. What happened next? No, silly, not sex -- bonding! GNI's slogan is that male bonding is best done nude, and this night would be no exception. We just talked and talked and talked. Funny stories, touching stories, whatever came into our minds. About half of us were furry "bear" types and half were smooth types. The pro's and con's of shaving body hair were discussed. One Jewish fellow told of how disappointed his mother had been to learn that his (then new) lover was not Jewish, and how she and he had then collapsed in a fit of laughing once they realized how absurd this reaction was and how lucky each was to be able to accept and understand where the other was coming from. One smooth fellow who loves bears confessed his attractions, and another guy jokingly suggested he try growing some with Rogaine. The smooth one then burst out, "I've tried that!!" and everyone laughed. He and I had had an affair a few months ago, and although I knew he liked bears, I didn't realize how hard he'd tried to become one. I ran over and gave him a furry hug.

4 guys doing a 'do-sa-do'Soon it was time for one last tip, so up we got to dance. I had so much fun I almost forgot to take pictures!! But I remembered at the last minute to ask for volunteers. Six of the 20 had no problems with appearing nude on the Internet (one has since changed his mind), so we formed an impromptu square and whirled around. Results are on this page. Then we put on our clothes (sigh) and drove back to the hotel.

Was there any sex? No. Were there hard-ons? I didn't see any. But I did get some warm fuzzies because of the following incident. Imagine Hans hugging Franz from behind, in a full-body hug, his chin resting on Franz's shoulder. Their hands are clasped in front, and of course Hans's hands end up right next to Franz's crotch, one hand on each side. Very subtly, Hans used his index fingers and scratched Franz's pen is at the base, through the hair, from both sides at once. Few could see him do this, since Franz himself was standing close behind another fellow. I pretended not to look, but I noticed that Franz's pen is grew to about double its previous size (although it remained soft). I practically swooned. Oh! I want a boyfriend who would do that secretly to me!! Make sure everyone knows my dick can get bigger, while I pretend not to care!!!

Sigh. Maybe one day I will. See you next year!

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