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It feels

Is it the freest, breeziest,
most liberating
way to dance on the face of the earth?

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Examining the proposition
that there is nothing...
-- NOTHING -- dancing naked!

Naked Dancing

Men's Perspectives

Luke dancing in harness
Larry from waist up

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Square dancers
Square Dancel
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Pilobolus photo by Michael O'Neil
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\Dancer on the street


Our goal: to explore men's naked dancing from every conceivable perspective. We'd like to interview at least two men in each category -- plus any we come up with in the future. (Categories are listed on the volunteer page.) We need your help to:



Interview Excerpts

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down arrowLarry learned to love dancing nude at the PANG gathering

Larry from waist upI pretty much danced the way I always dance, except I didn't have any clothes on, and if guys enjoyed watching, then that's fine. I had a partner to dance with; I don't know if I could do it without a partner. I don't think I'd want to do it without one. arrow



The first time Luke danced nude was August 1999down arrow

Luke dancing in harnessUsually when I dance I have no problem taking my shirt off, so the feeling of not having a shirt on was not totally foreign to me. But not having pants on or anything else... it was a nice, unrestricted, free, flexible feeling. Because I've gone dancing before without underwear in loose shorts, I've had that same feeling of my dick swinging around, and I'm comfortable with that. arrow



down arrowWhat's this? Two lesbians getting gay men to dance nude?!??

They had a two-way radio up behind the callers, and we're starting to dance, and it's in a hotel suite. Suddenly we heard over the radio that "Security is on their way to suite so-and-so -- OUR suite!" arrow



It was the first time Art had ever danced nudedown arrow

A friend of mine admired me for the ability to get naked physically, but he thought I could never get naked emotionally in intimate relations, and due to the fact that I started revealing my body to people in bars I was able to understand exactly what he meant -- that I wasn't getting naked emotionally, not taking the risks that you have to take to become closer to people you care about. arrow



down arrowWe first met Ray at a professional meeting

Closeup of RayFor me, the fun is that everyone's looking at you, you're naked, you're exposed, you're there.... I don't know why that thrills me, to be truthful. It's still the case for me that giving talks in front of people terrifies me. I teach [as a professor] two hours every week and those two hours are terrifying.... I'm really very shy. arrow



I square danced nude in San Diego at "Pass the Sea"down arrow

Was there any sex? No. Were there hard-ons? I didn't see any. But I did get some warm fuzzies because of the following. Imagine Hans hugging Franz from behind, in a full-body hug, his chin resting on Franz's shoulder. Their hands are clasped in front, and of course Hans's hands end up right next to Franz's crotch, one hand on each side. Very subtly, Hans used his index fingers and... arrow



down arrowWe got photos of the Castro Street dancer from someone who was there

Castro Street dancerI was in the right place at the right time. He and a buddy were dressed in a sorta Hawaiian outfit for the Castro Street Faire. When I arrived on the scene, he was in the middle of a circle. He wasn't drunk... just enjoying the day. The guys sitting around him began to egg him on to show his stuff, so he obliged. Soon he put his wrap [back on] and went on enjoying the faire. arrow



We heard about Richard from other square dancersdown arrow

MoonshineSusan was my "corner." When I went to do a left allemand, I grabbed Susan's tit accidentally because it got in the way of grabbing her arm, so her partner Jennifer smiled and told me, "That better work tonight!" arrow



down arrowOur first interview was with Rick

Other nights, me and this guy named Tom -- we were gorgeous back then -- we'd do whatever the newsletter told us to do. We'd expose ourselves on the dance floor and touch each other -- whatever. Later in the week, I would find cash money in an envelope mailed to me at my home. arrow



We hadn't originally planned to interview Phillipdown arrow

When I was a little boy I used to take "Mr. Bubble" bubble baths, and I would run out of the tub with bubbles all over my body when I was about 4 and my parents would have guests in the living room and I would [run into the living room and] throw my hands in the air with a big smile on my face and present myself and shout "I'm Mr. Bubble!". arrow



down arrowEduard was our second interviewee

Eduard's headSo when he came back he needed someone to play a role in this performance, so for the Detroit run I did this piece with him... We worked together the week before to choreograph the dance that I would do and work out 3 different parts thoroughly for when I was onstage... It was very like caretaking; there was definitely a sexual aspect to it, but it was more like lovers taking care of each other, being sweet with each other. arrow




Marc made the front page of the campus newspaper by dancing nude in his senior performance project down arrow

Marc's faceThis piece was a sort of exploration of gender and sexuality. Part involved me talking about my body; in many ways it connotes an ambiguous message, with respect to sexuality and gender.... So there's a long dance sequence in the middle where I was naked.

The dance also dealt with issues of ambiguities of gender as well as the contrast between man and woman, primitive and civilized, both very sort of classical ballet as well as African dance and modern dance. arrow




down arrowIntoMen talked about dancing nude as a boy

Jeffrey's faceThe first time I can remember dancing nude would have to be when I was about 5 years old, and I wouldn't call it any structured dancing; it was doing a lot of turning and twirling and just movement. I've always loved to do movement, and I can remember as a child just doing that. It was something that was just important to me -- that feeling of freedom while I was moving and my body was completely unhindered and in synch with a rhythm. arrow




Jim saw a modern dance troupe with nude performersdown arrow

Pilobolus photo by Michael O'NeilWhen the two men stood up, suddenly everyone saw that they were nude. Totally nude. No g-string, no dance belt, no nothing! I was in awe. Astonished. By the end I was nothing more than a wet little puddle in my seat!

And then, unexpectedly, I got very, very angry -- at the world -- for telling me for 35 years that this was dirty, for saying that this surpassingly beautiful thing was shameful, for keeping such experiences from me, for lying about love and life. I thought, "Those goddam, fucking, asshole, idiotic straight people and erotophobes. How dare they! How dare they??arrow

Photo by Michael O'Neil




down arrowJason, Stephan, and Chuck dance naked in DC

JasonI had a customer who is a good friend of mine and he used to bring me chocolates and chocolate almonds, and once helped when I was short on rent, and bought me a couple of jackets, but he wasn't trying to seduce me. It was genuine, and I liked it.

ChuckI like to move very sensually, move my hips a lot, and move and touch my upper body and be sensual. The occasional hard-on helps because that's what people like to see! But for me it's just motion.

StephanI was born in a little log cabin in Kentucky in 1504... Back then I had to bleach my hair by the side of the river -- just like the pioneer women... Oh, when Barbara Walters asked this I cried!






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